Need of the time : Revamp of the prevalent systems. (Part I)

he world has engulfed into an unprecedented economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, COVID-19 was started as a global health crisis with limited implications on the economy, but soon it became an economic crisis. The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the flaws in current prevalent systems. The Economic system, Healthcare System, Environmental protection, and Social System need immediate revamping for the continuous and healthy growth of the world.

Coronavirus and Beyond

Today the world is facing a deadly virus called COVID-19 or Coronavirus, which has affected millions of people worldwide and exterminated thousands. Coronavirus pandemic has forced governments and world bodies to take unprecedented measures (Lock-downs, curfew, etc.) to contain and eliminate the virus and roll out funds (in trillions) to subsidized its impact on economies... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Irrfan Khan, The Finest Indian Actor of Modern Era.

"ROOH KI MAUT NAHI HOTI, AUR ROOHDAAR MARTA NAHI HAI"- MISS YOU FOREVER. Irrfan Khan, the finest and brilliant actor in the Indian film industry is no more. He would not only be remembered for his acting skills but for his spirit to fighting spirit, dedication for work and thoughts. His eyes were sufficient to... Continue Reading →

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