Risk and Risk Management.

Risk is real while risk management is a vague term. The uncertainty of the future events generally eats the return on investment. Understanding the risk and uncertainty is the only solution.


esterday, India got glued to the Television Screen to listen to the address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on COVID-19. PM Modi has made some interesting announcements, including a 20 Lakh Crore ($ 31 Billion) stimulus package to Industries, without further details. His main focus was to develop India into a self-reliant nation to weather financial crises in the future. He also talked about the problems faced by the workers of the organized sector and the suffering of common people during the lockdown. He also indicated that several busine

The Element of Uncertainty in Economic Forecasting.

An economic forecast which only gives the direction without the exact figures is fairly good for the economist as well as the dependents on forecasts. Forecasting about events based on past and prevailing situations is a very old practice. In old times, Kings kept forecasters/sages to predict the war, health, weather, state of affairs, future... Continue Reading →

Grave global economic crisis or just another slowdown?

Everyone is worried about the recession hitting the global economy due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All international organizations are predicting a slowdown in the global GDP and millions of job losses in every sector. ABD has recently announced that due to Coronavirus, world growth would be slow down by 0.1%-0.4% (US $77 – US$ 347... Continue Reading →

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