5 Search Engines Better Than Google | 2020

Search Engine is the most used and important tool of the internet. You literally cannot work on the internet without a search engine. A good search engine with better search results can save a lot of work for the user. If someone asks you how many searches are available over the internet most of us... Continue Reading →

The Retirement Plan | The Privilege Of Having Retirement Options

It is primary to understand the meaning of retirement before planning because planning depends upon understanding the meaning. On searching retirement on google, you would get millions of search results spread over hundreds of pages. The first result would be the meaning of retirement. The literal meaning of retirement is ‘the action or fact of leaving... Continue Reading →

Best Music Apps for Android and Apple.

Music is omnipresent, divine and for everybody. Music has no religion, color, caste or creed. It affects every soul on the earth in the same way as it affects you and me. Now you can listen to the best music of any country in one tap or maybe in two, on your smartphone anytime anywhere.... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Irrfan Khan, The Finest Indian Actor of Modern Era.

"ROOH KI MAUT NAHI HOTI, AUR ROOHDAAR MARTA NAHI HAI"- MISS YOU FOREVER. Irrfan Khan, the finest and brilliant actor in the Indian film industry is no more. He would not only be remembered for his acting skills but for his spirit to fighting spirit, dedication for work and thoughts. His eyes were sufficient to... Continue Reading →

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