Our objective is to give opportunity to everyone who wants to showcase his/her point of view on the various subjects which he/she considers important. This website is a platform which allows to represent the layman’s perspective. If you want to share your point of views through your writing, contact us through mail or other social media platform. We would love to host your writings on this website. Don’t worry, if you have never written before for publishing, we would take care of the editing part. The most important requirement for good writing is a good thought, everything else comes after. We do not charge anything for publishing your writing.


Vijeta Shrivastava.

I started writing down my thoughts and views on day to day topics such as Economics, Politics, Entertainment and Self-Help some years back, solely for the purpose of recreation. A freelance writer with a master’s degree in Microbiology and Computer. Love reading books. Follows Economics seriously.

Abhijeet Bhatnagar

I am not very much of a writer but I like reading small articles on regular topics. An IT engineer with the interest in casual games development. A fan of DC comics. Loves the character of Flash. Responsible for managing bwritesde.com.

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