What Your Garden Teach You?

A look at the plants and flowers of your garden with butterflies hovering over can make your day. In my opinion, a garden is a must for a home and if it is not possible, due to space constraints at your place, you can have a few plants in your balcony, that can work too. A Garden not only gives you a feel-good but it is one such thing in your vicinity that can teach many lessons that others can’t teach you, except your mom. It teaches some important life lessons which are prerequisites for a successful person. My garden taught me some very important lessons, that helped me to become a better person.

Trust is necessary for success.

      Gardening is not only about sowing seeds, watering plants, manuring and shredding branches, but also about putting trust in the fertility of the soil, replenishing effect of the water, mother nature and above all on your efforts. You should always trust your abilities, no matter how much circumstances are against you. If you trust yourself and put your best forward you will get success.

       Putting trust in others is natural to human but sometimes due to a single bad experience, people stop trusting others. It hurts when somebody broke your trusts but remember only a few broke your trust out of many and the payout of trusting somebody is much larger than the loss avoided by the distrust.

Never lose Hope

     When you put a seed into the soil or pot, you just don’t put a seed there but also hope. A hope that after some days a small plant will come. A hope that after some more days this plant would start bearing fruits, which you will enjoy with your family. In gardening, sometimes after performing every right step plant dies or seed does not germinate, with no other option left, we replace them with new seed or plant of the different or the same variety to bloom again. Similarly in life, sometimes your hard work goes in vain, no matter, with how much truthfulness you attempted, you should learn to attempt again without losing hope from gardening. Success will come to you if you do not lose your hope and keep on attempting. Hope is the sole driver of your endeavor to succeed.

The Joy of Giving

      In today’s world where everyone is sticking to their hard-earned money, prestige, name, fame, etc, a garden teaches us to give. It distributes all, that it earns from the hard work of twenty-four hours, three sixty-five days. It does not restrict you from appreciating its beauty and flowers, consuming its fruits or inhaling oxygen which it gives. A plant works twenty hours to make flowers and then convert it into fruits and as soon as the fruit becomes eatable it has been plucked, but the plant does not stop putting hard work to make more fruit till it exhausts its energy to do so.  

      It does not mean that we should give away everything, but at least we can help the needy and should donate things that are useful but we do not use it. Keeping such things does not add anything to your possession but it could help somebody to realize his dreams. The joy of watching happiness in the eyes of a needy due to our deed is incomparable.

Power of Karma

    Many times the garden has been overlooked (especially watering plants) due to so-called important engagements of yours, which negatively affect the health of young plants. But plants believe in Karma more than anybody does. They perform their duties until the last day of their life. As soon as you water them again they try to get their strength back and without any ill-feeling, they start the process to become a stronger plant that can provide flowers and fruit. Garden continuously supply oxygen, beautify your place, gives you fruits and vegetable, that’s why everyone loves them. 

       We have been taught to be result-oriented but the fact is, the result follows the process. If you have the right intention and you are performing your karma you will surely get the result you effort seeks. Performing Karma is in your hand, success and failure are part of life. You should not think of the result but must perform karma with utmost dedication and if you have performed your karma rightly the result will certainly match your expectations. 

Go and Get your lessons.

     These are some lessons which I learned from my garden and these are not the only lessons which garden teaches. It teaches a lot more. Go to your garden, enjoy its beauty and learn something new, it teaches every day without charging anything. And one more thing, it also teaches me gardening. 

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