Best Music Apps for Android and Apple.

Music is omnipresent, divine and for everybody. Music has no religion, color, caste or creed. It affects every soul on the earth in the same way as it affects you and me. Now you can listen to the best music of any country in one tap or maybe in two, on your smartphone anytime anywhere. The technology has vastly improved the quality of music but to appreciate and listen to the same one requires good music playing apps. Your search for the best music apps for your smartphone is about to end. All the features of the music apps have been discussed below. 

Check out the best music apps for android and apple. 

Google Music: Google Music is one of the strongest competitors of Spotify and Amazon Music. It continuously adds new music released across the globe. Its biggest advantage is that it allows you to store 50,000 songs on your cloud. It also offers services such as custom music stations and plays songs stored in smartphones. Google Music comes preinstalled in android phones. Subscription package allows you on-demand access to more than 40 million songs, plus the ability to download music to your library for offline listening. The subscription plan includes YouTube Premium, giving you an ad-free YouTube experience. 

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Spotify: Spotify is one of the most downloaded music apps in the business. It also has the largest subscription base among its competitors. Spotify offers a free ad-supported music streaming service. This feature of free ad-supported has some limitations like access to limited songs. Spotify is across platforms app with a web player, making it a versatile and complete app for music streaming. One of the biggest advantages of Spotify is supported custom, shareable playlists, which can be easily embedded into websites and social media posts all over the internet, and its popularity amongst artists, who often release albums either first or exclusively on Spotify.

Recommendation: Try it for free first. The subscription of the app would remove the ads, allow you to play Spotify on TV and also allow you to download songs. 

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Amazon MusicAmazon music app is the application offered by Amazon Inc. Amazon Prime members can access the full functionality of the application using an Amazon username and password. Over 2 million songs are available on the app. In addition to that, all music you’ve bought from Amazon – both as MP3 downloads and, in some cases, as physical media that has Amazon’s AutoRip feature – is available in your account for streaming and download. Amazon music app also has an Alexa button with it. Amazon’s voice-driven digital assistant has been integrated into the app and delivers all of Alexa’s features and abilities to your phone. 

Recommendation: A single subscription of Amazon Prime can give you access to Prime Video, Amazon Prime Shopping, Audible and Amazon Music. The subscription of Amazon Music is highly recommended.

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SoundCloud: SoundCloud’s feature of allowing users with an account to upload their own music, podcast, poetry or any audio is very popular among the music producers.  You can listen to beautiful music made at home by an artist which no other app can give you. You can subscribe to channels of other artists, with many celebrity artists continuing to post tracks. With more than 150 million tracks currently on the platform, and the ability to create your own playlists and discover new music, there’s something for everyone. SoundCloud offers a free platform and paid options specifically for creators.

Recommendation: If you are a music creator and want to listen music made by the musicians like you, then this app is for you.

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iheartRadio: iHeartRadio is a free internet radio app which offers thousands of radio station. It plays radio stations of every genre from comedy to music, sports to talkback. It allows to create a personalized radio station and listen to many popular podcasts. It paid subscription allows you to save songs, podcasts and other content to listen to them offline.

Recommendation: iHeartRadio is for the radio lovers who along with the music like to listen to different varieties of content. 

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Apple Music:  Apple’s proprietary music app allows access to more than 45 million songs. It also provides you access to all iTunes music you might have purchased for your iPod over the years. The app also offers a lot of exclusive content, such as music documentaries, TV shows and behind-the-scenes footage. This app comes pre-installed in iPhone but you can only access the content after purchasing a subscription of it.

Deezer: Deezer much like Spotify or Apple Music, Deezer lets you stream music and podcasts from thousands of artists, download MP3 tracks to listen offline, create playlists and listen to radio stations. Deezer has a feature that shows on-screen lyrics when listening to a song. Deezer also has a feature called Flow, which provides a never-ending personalized radio of tracks based on your tastes. 

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YouTube Music: YouTube is another popular music app for android. It recommends music based on your country, language, time, taste and location. The hotlist option allows you to keep up with the trending music/songs. If you have a YouTube Premium subscription or play music subscription, your app experience will be ad-free, plus you can download music to listen offline.

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